About us

The law firm of Fram Advokatbyrå was originally founded in 1988 as Advokatfirman Lindmark Welinder by Dan Lindmark and Björn Welinder. In connection with the transition to a new generation in 2023, the name was changed to Framthe Swedish word for “forward.”

Our attorneys are experts in Swedish and international business law. We work with start-ups, family businesses, foundations, associations, government agencies, publicly listed companies, and more. Simply put, we offer a combination of expertise in commercial contract law with specialties in a number of legal areas of practice and industries.

More than thirty years in the industry have given us deep knowledge, extensive experience, and, not least of all, perspective. Valuable perspectives on law, business life, and people. We also have a global perspective. As a co-founder of the Ally Law network, we have strong international connections. If Sweden is not enough for our clients, we can connect them with business law experts that are the cream of the crop around the world.

Not only that. But over the years, we have developed a way of working and values ​​that have earned us a great amount of trust with our clients. Everything we do is based on trust. It is in our DNA to constantly strive for our clients, show extraordinary care, be available, and do give everything. We focus on quality work and building long-term relationships. 

We take pride in our practice of the legal craft. We do not provide standardized, one-size-fits-all solutions. Every business is unique, as is every situation. But we also understand the complexity of running a modern business and the increasingly high demands placed on companies. Therefore, we have an unwavering commitment to delivering business benefits and clear advice that is affordable. We make sure to provide legal advice that is not only right for a client’s particular business but also that they can act on. 

But enough about us. After all, our work is about our clients’ businesses. Maybe even yours? Take some time to read more about our expertise and see if we meet your needs. Or, why not just give us a call?