We are Fram

At Fram law firm, we do more than just offer advice on Swedish and international business law. We think ahead and help our clients advance. 

In Swedish, Fram means “forward.” And that’s our mindset as a law firm.

Our clients...

... are multifaceted.
We are too.

Diverse experiences and skills lead to better opportunities and solutions. So along with a strong base in commercial contract law, most of our attorneys also have specialties in other areas. Together, it all combines into conditions for our clients to achieve success.

…appreciate clear advice.
That is what we provide.

Effective business decisions require straightforward counsel. Our clients know they can rely on us to give our utmost effort in ensuring that our legal guidance is easily understood and likely to result in the most beneficial outcome.

…think long-term and value relationships.
So do we.

Keeping a perspective beyond the short term and building strong relationships are keys to success in business. We always consider the long-lasting effect of our legal counsel, both on our relationship with our clients and their relationships with their business partners.

Our expertise

We have extensive experience working with, among others, large-scale organizations, start-ups, and public-law corporations. All of that has given us a thorough understanding of many different industries and sectors. And while our firm has a broad base in commercial contract law,  many of our attorneys also have specialties in one or more legal fields. Our other areas of practice include dispute resolution, corporate law, real estate, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), employment law, public procurement, foundations and private legal.

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