Fram is a co-founder and active member of Ally Law – a global network of law firms.

Karta på världens länder som symboliserar vår internationella koppling.

Ally Law

We operate on an international playing field. Back in 1988, when we first established our firm in Lund, we had no idea that our work would become so international. But the world changes, and so do we. Today, the agreements and negotiations that we handle are just as often in English as they are in Swedish, and we are constantly switching between different legal systems, both within and outside the EU.

From Lund and Stockholm, we provide legal support to our Swedish clients every day for their operations around the world; while at the same time helping companies from different international corners establish or run their operations in Sweden. And should our own expertise not be enough, we can practically give you the whole world.

In 1990, we helped launch an international network of law firms. It eventually became what is now called Ally Law. Today, its members consist of approximately 75 handpicked law firms that combine superior service and high-quality standards with an understanding of international business.

In total, we can offer access to over 2,500 lawyers in more than 40 countries. They can provide not only expert knowledge of their own country’s laws and legal systems, but also an innate and deep understanding of the culture, industry practices, and business customs of their respective fields.

What makes our collaboration with the attorneys and lawyers through the Ally Law network so special is that it is more than just referrals. We work together with our colleagues around the world, know them well, and can often get the advice our clients need with a simple phone call.

So, the next time you need business law advice for another part of the world, remember to just ask us. We will take care of the rest.

Karta på världens länder som symboliserar vår internationella koppling.