Commercial Agreements

Contracts and legal agreements can have a major impact on a business from a risk perspective and are therefore of central importance for most companies. The main purpose of a contract is that it should manage and limit legal risks, but it should also be clear, durable, and practically useful.

We at Fram help draft, review, and negotiate a variety of different types of commercial agreements. This may, for example, be purchase or supply agreements, cooperation agreements, shareholder agreements, distribution agreements, letters of intent, or license and development agreements. The agreements are often in English and involve international transactions with foreign parties.

With us, you can rely on a broad competency and many years of experience in the field of contract law for various industries — everything from classic manufacturing to real estate, as well as development agreements with a focus on intellectual property rights and e-commerce. We are well-versed in many of the standard legal agreements that are often used as a basis for contractual relationships, such as Orgalime and the like. 

Our typical role in contract negotiations can be compared to that of a company lawyer. We make sure to have relevant knowledge about both the industry and the conditions of the specific business. We strive to keep up with the latest developments in the industries we focus on, ensuring we always have insight into and an underlying understanding of the actual business transaction that we work with.

In addition to working on ongoing contractual matters, we regularly help with company mergers and acquisitions (M&A). We also have many years of experience in advising and conducting negotiations in connection with larger projects, for example, joint ventures, which often feature a complex contract structure with several different contract types. Other examples of larger contract packages that we have handled include the procurement of vehicles for public transport and agreements to establish infrastructure within the recycling industry.

We, like our clients, believe in long-term and balanced agreements between the contracting parties. If you are of the same opinion and need advice regarding negotiations or entering into a contract, you are more than welcome to get in touch with Maria Stakovska or Fredrik Heldqvist.

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