Liability Issues — Board Members & Advisors

Our attorneys have participated in many investigations and disputes regarding advisor liability. This is an issue that applies, for example, to real estate agents, lawyers, and accountants.

We have also investigated and handled similar issues regarding the liability of board members and managing directors towards companies, associations, or foundations. Our assignments have consisted of investigating and analyzing liability issues based on applicable laws, such as the Swedish Companies Act and the Economic Associations Act, with the aim of clarifying whether the conditions for damages exist. The central questions raised regard whether board members have acted negligently, if damage has occurred, and if there is a causal relationship. Other issues that arise and are dealt with are the granting of a release from liability and the existence of board insurance that can compensate for the damage incurred.

Often these issues are dealt with in the context of a legal dispute.

For more information and assistance in connection with an investigation or dispute including liability issues, please contact Jennifer Abdulahad.