Associations & Foundations

Within the framework of association law there exist legal entities aside from limited liability companies and joint stock companies, such as associations, foundations and trusts. We assist non-profit organizations and economic associations, as well as housing cooperatives. Our advice covers everything from forming legal associations to membership, rental issues, procurement of contracts, etc. We also have extensive knowledge regarding liability issues for board members of associations.

Foundations are another type of legal entity with independent assets that are managed for a specific purpose. There are different types of foundations, for example with a charitable object or a business object, or company-owned pension foundations to safeguard pension payments for employees, and family trusts. Foundations and trusts can for example be established in connection with estate planning (see Private legal).

The attorneys at Fram have years of experience in legal matters regarding foundations and can provide valuable advice on aspects such as forming and registering, interpretation of statutes, changing of statutes, as well as ongoing administration and other board assignments.

For matters concerning housing cooperatives, please contact Jennifer Abdulahad. For other associations, foundations and trusts, please contact Ida Järvegren.

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